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Jerry Cornelia

Jerry CorneliaJerry Cornelia was born and raised in eastern Montana. Primarily a self-taught artist, his work covers a variety of genres, from classical sculpture and figurative paintings to whimsical sculpture, paintings and functional art objects.

“I love making things…the process of creating is very satisfying to me.”

This love of creation and no self imposed limits on his subject matter or the materials he uses has lead to the development of a large and diverse body of work that ranges from art clocks, fantasy character sculptures, surreal paintings, realistic figurative paintings and sculptures, as well as witty quirky paintings (often accompanied by humorous titles) featuring a cast of characters from sheep and dogs, to his recurring red headed ladies.

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“I’ve got just enough obsessive compulsive disorder going on to sit and paint thread on a bridle for 2 days, and enough attention deficit to go from that to making odd little humanoids and then look around the studio and ask ‘What’s next?'”

Montana Quarterly – The Serial Art of Jerry Cornelia (pdf)

Jerry Cornelia – Yellowstone Art Museum – Wit & Wisdom: A Decade of Painting by Jerry David Cornelia  (pdf)

Big Sky Journal – Art is a Laughing Matter (pdf)

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