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Marc Vischer

Marc Vischer
Marc Vischer was born and raised in Great Falls, Montana. He has had solo exhibitions at the Yellowstone Art Museum, Missoula Art Museum, Holter Museum of Art, and the Nicolaysen Art Museum. Vischer has, over the years, worked with a variety of media- oils, acrylic, gum bichromate (a 19th century photographic printing process), and used large photographic murals combined with text as public art installations in the Washington, D.C. area 1986. After approximately fifteen years of being “art free”, Vischer’s medium of choice is digital photography, with archival inks printed onto canvas.
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“People are compulsive about thinking. What this means is- the things we interact with are usually not the world itself but our beliefs, expectations and judgments about the world. When we confuse things with thoughts, the bulk of what we experience is a mirage. Being mindful of my immediate surroundings allows me to appreciate even the most (seemingly) ordinary of things.”

“Photography helps me look at things freshly; it takes me outside of myself and allows me to see the magic of the mundane that was always, already there to begin with. My passion for tropical plants, especially orchids, started as a coping mechanism for the long, dark Montana winters. I enjoy the fact that orchids start out as microscopic seeds carried in the wind and maybe one in a million will lodge in the crevice of a tree limb high up in the canopy and survive. We are not unlike orchids in that miracle of existence.”


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