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Marcia Selsor

Marcia Selsor 2

Marcia Selsor ChildI always was drawing as a child. My first grade teacher told my mother that “Marcia lives in her own world, and who is to say it isn’t a better place?” I was happy to sit at a table with a pencil and piece of paper drawing. In 1961 my aunt offered to send me to the Philadelphia Museum College of Art (now the Philadelphia University of the Arts) when at age 11, to Saturday morning art classes. Later, in 1975, I was hired to teach at Eastern Montana College, now Montana State University-Billings where I taught for 25 years. During the thirty-one years I lived in Montana, I learned to appreciate the grandeur of the mountains, the raw vivaciousness of wild horses, trout fishing, good friends, Yellowstone Park, self-reliance, hot potting (swimming in hot springs) in sub-zero weather, and all the rigors of living in the Last Best Place. During my tenure while teaching I was awarded 2 Fulbright Scholars’ Awards during my two sabbaticals. I have taught in University of Hawaii-Manoa and had residencies in Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Uzbekistan, The Archie Bray in Helena, MT., The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, A.I.R. Vallauris , Hui No’eau Arts Center on Maui, and Mary Anderson Center for Creative Arts in Indiana.

We moved to the South border of Texas in Brownsville in 2006. While Montana provided much growth for me as an artist, I am finding the exotic birds of the Gulf Coast, the Coastal Sky, and the Gulf as well as the Border working their way into my art. I work at my home studio, exhibit work, give workshops, write, travel, take residencies and still play with fire.

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